What is Philosophers?

Philosophers is one of the events of the PionierGarage(short: PG)-Academy, which was created directly from the feedback of our participants. Often PG members want to discuss different trends, topics, or news from the startup scene, but in the evening after the members meeting they are tired, want to finally go to bed or the different team members finish their tasks at different times and the casual exchange comes too short. For these reasons, we have created Philosophers. Philosophers is a meeting of people interested in entrepreneurship who discuss everything about founding, startup ideas, VCs, trends, etc. in a relaxed atmosphere

When and Where?

We meet every first Wednesday of the month at 8 pm at the PG Launchpad (Rintheimer Str. 15). If the Corona regulation is tightened again, digital at the PG-Zoom.


Anyone may participate, regardless of whether they are a PG member or not. No prior knowledge about entrepreneurship or founding is necessary. You are also welcome to just listen.


For current information, (topic) requests, feedback, etc., you can just send an E-Mail to our Philosopherslead Denislav Zdravkov ([email protected])